Student Safety


We need your help to keep our students/your children safe during arrival and dismissal times!  We have a valet drop-off system near our opening gates located on Victoria and Dearborn Avenues.  Our volunteers place cones on the street so that parents may drop-off their children and proceed thereafter.  DO NOT leave your car unattended or parked in our designated valet area.  In addition, once the school bus arrives please do not block the parking pathway.  We appreciate your support in keeping our students/your children safe.

Volunteers and Visitors


We sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication our volunteers provide to our school and we absolutely welcome all visitors, however, we do ask that all volunteers and visitors follow proper protocol while on our campus.  On Wednesday, April 5th at 8:30am in Room 35 we will hold a visitor and volunteer meeting to review our school procedures.  Please be sure to attend.