School Experience Survey

This year’s School Experience Survey is now open. The School Experience Survey is an annual survey administered to all LAUSD schools. The survey reports give each school important insight into what staff, students and parents think about their school’s learning environment.  You will soon receive a letter inviting parents to complete the survey.  Parents can take the survey at home by clicking here or can come to Coffee with the Principal on February 3rd and take it in our technology lab.

Cellular Phone Policy

LAUSD policy states that students are prohibited from using their cell phones on campus during normal school hours.  They are permitted to posses them, provided that they are turned off and stored in a place where it is not visible.  They may use their cell phones before or after school only.  Please assist us reinforcing our policy and reminding your child of appropriate use of their cell phone.

Second Semester Begins

The second semester of the 2016-2017 school year will begin on Monday, January 9th.  All students should be in their lines by 7:51am.  We would also like to remind you that when you check-out your child from the main office, remember to bring your identification.  We are not able to release students to adults who are not on the emergency card or individuals without identification.  Thank you.